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EWA Exports might want to be instrumental in a boosting of Global fares particularly items from MSME and little makers to reinforce the world economy. We do get orders from universal market and afterward obtain products from the Indian makers for the most part from MSME/work serious divisions, for example, farming, materials, cowhide, workmanship and Pharma and sell them abroad in our association's name.


EWA Export is a business with a heart. Standard we hope to make an immense number of depictions of fulfillment and opportunity. Our vision is to empower close by cultivating creators by outfitting them with a market to sell their produce at an honest worth guide, along these lines adding to neighborhood and national economy and incentive as need to fulfill the necessities of our clients, representatives and partners.

About Us

EWA Exportsis one of driving “Shipper Impoter” occupied with exchanging action of Import and Export products and enterprises to our customers the whole way across the Globe.

In the course of recent years, we have built up the best aptitude to arrange costs with purchasers, venders and transportation lines which are more focused and superior to normal exporters. Since we acquire for the most part from KSOCAs, along these lines help in expanding creation of KSOCA giving a fillip to work age as KSOCAs are by and large in the business concentrated segments.

Advantages of Importing Exporting through EWA Exports

  • Fruits & Vegetables,that We are going to supply are organic
  • We will supply with KSOCA Certificate,Karnataka State Organic Certificate.
  • Organic is nothing but Quality Products free from Chemicals.
  • Organic Micro-Nutrients,Jeevamrutha,Panchagavya are used for growing Vegetables,Fruits & Millets.
  • Panchagavya:A mixture of Cow dung,Cow urine,Curd,Milk,Ghee,are said to be as Panchagavya,means 5 Elements of natural are used as Nutrients for Vegetables,Fruits,Millets & Rice.
  • Like this Jeevamrutha & thasakavayam are used.
  • For Pesticides Neem water,Chilli water & Fish water are used.
  • organic Agriculture is a production¬† system that sustain the health of soils,eco-system and people.

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