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  • Honey:It is a natural,collected from bees.
  • Honey,with warm water works as fat accumulation.
  • Honey,with milk improves Physique & Stamina.
  • Honey,with pepper powder controls Cough & Cold.
  • Honey on face improves complexion.
  • Honey, develops body residence against many diseases.
  • Honey prevents infection on burns.
  • Honey are a large varities,Drumstick Honey,Wild Bee Honey,Mountain Honey,Organic Honey,Country Honey and so on.

Now a days honey bees are Reared & Breeded in farm ,under tree shades,collecting the nectur ,honey in large quantites.

It is a second income for the farmers.


  • Millets can be said as,Siridhanya.
  • Rich in fiber,protein,nutrients& vitamins.
  • Regulates blood pressure & diabetes.
  • Toxin free,Preservatives free & pesticides free.
  • Great energy source.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Reduces health risks.
  • Superior nutritional qualities.
  • Millets are nature gift from God.
  • Millets are staple food.
  • Millets imbalance the defiency  of vitamins & minerals in human body.
  • Millets grow under dry conditions.
  • Millets are very old food,it was brought to India 3,000 years ago,there are 6,000 varities of millets,only a few varities are in use today.

Millets name are:Sorghum,Pearl Millet,Finger Millet,Barnyard Millet,Foxtail Millet,Kodo Millet,Proso Millet,Little Millet and so on.

Fruits & Vegetables:

Fruits & Vegetables,that i am going to supply are organic,i will supply with KSOCA  Certificate,Karnataka State Organic Certificate.

  • Organic is nothing but Quality Products free from Chemicals.
  • Organic Micro-Nutrients,Jeevamrutha,Panchagavya are used for growing Vegetables,Fruits & Millets.
  • Panchagavya:A mixture of Cow dung,Cow urine,Curd,Milk,Ghee,are said to be as Panchagavya,means 5 Elements of natural are used as Nutrients for Vegetables,Fruits,Millets & Rice.
  • Like this Jeevamrutha & thasakavayam are used.
  • For Pesticides Neem water,Chilli water & Fish water are used.
  • organic Agriculture is a production  system that sustain the health of soils,eco-system and people.

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